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The Most Advanced Car Window Tint Film Ever Created | Grand Gard

Grand Gard is the premier car window tint, offering quality, competitively priced products to customers worldwide. All of our window tints are produced, inspected, and quality-controlled in-house, without outsourcing. With the support of our top-tier research and development team and dedicated staff, we confidently supply wholesale window tint that meets your requirements.

Car Window Tint

At Auto One Glass & Accessories, dyed car tint film is known by several names, such as 'car tint film' or ' car window tint film' and online as 'standard.' Our standard dyed window tint films offer:

Some heat reduction by absorbing heat energy
-Enhanced optical quality
-Strong glare control
-A variety of colors

High Quality Tint Films

Quality is our defining feature and guiding principle. Grand Gard provide not only top-quality window tint films but also tailored solutions for our customers. Our commitment to quality products is the foundation for building lasting partnerships.

Enhance Privacy and Security

One of the key benefits of window tinting is the increased privacy and security it offers. Tinted windows prevent outsiders from looking into your space, which is particularly useful for vehicles containing valuables or passengers. Additionally, tinted windows can deter potential burglars by obscuring the view inside.

Car Window Tinting Film

Opinions on the best car window tint film vary among professionals. Each installer has a preferred brand, but all the films used by Auto One Glass & Accessories are of high quality, offering various visible light transmission (VLT) percentages or tint shades. Auto One stores typically carry three types of car window tinting films: Dyed, Carbon, and Ceramic.

Ceramic Car Window Tint

Some Auto One locations now offer ceramic car window tinting film. Though more expensive, this film provides the highest level of heat reduction. It offers:
- Maximum heat reduction
- Excellent visibility both day and night
- Superior UV light blocking

We offer one of the largest selections of car window tint films, including privacy, heat reduction, UV protection, and scratch resistance. Our car window tints are easy to install and a great way to reduce the heat inside your car.

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