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Stunning Gloss Finish with Paint Protection Film | GRAND GARD

GRAND GARD’s innovative wet coating technology is the result of over 20 years of industry experience, numerous trials and errors, and thought challenges to achieve better coating. To guarantee the highest quality, all Grand Gard films are precisely manufactured in a cleanroom setting using specially built coating equipment. Together with its ability to preserve paint and glass, Grand Gard's energy-saving effect makes it possible for people all over the world to live convenient and secure lives. Grand Gard is prepared to collaborate with users worldwide and is constantly open to new market demands. Grand Gard pledges to lead the industry with its continuous quality control and strong sense of responsibility to satisfy every user.

Grand Gard's High Gloss Finish Car Paint Protection Film (SUPERB PPF)

SUPERB PPF is an outstandingly clear paint protection filmwith a highly glossy finish.
Through its high clarity and intense gloss, SUPERB PPF makes your car look new and new in everyday driving for years. This film has a hydrophobic topcoat layer, which provides increased resistance against all damages such as stains, dirt, and many contaminants. SUPERB PPF is also designed to restore light scratches on your car body with its self-healing features when exposed to light heat or hot water. This film will not allow yellowing for 5 years under harmful UV and is also warranted for 5 years against bubbling, cracking, and delamination.

Features of Grand Gard's High Gloss Finish Car Paint Protection Film

This optically clear PPF makes your vehicle look attractively shiny through its durable high gloss finish without distortion from the orange peel problem.

Our hydrophobic top coating makes the surface slippery and repels water and dirt from your vehicle. So you will enjoy the fresh and clean look of your vehicle with this excellent stain-resistant surface treatment.

Our advanced top coating makes your vehicle self-heal from light scratches and swirl marks immediately when exposed to heat. So your vehicle would be restored quickly from minor damages to its surface.

This premium-grade PPF will not turn yellow for a long time when exposed to harmful UV from sunlight. So you will be at ease with the bad discoloration of your vehicle.

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